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About Tracee

Hello There!

My life has been so blessed: happily married for 25 years, stay at home mom for over twenty, and live on a certified organic farm in California!

After years of the diet roller coaster, I attended nutrition school, and became an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Finally I “got it” and started releasing my own bad habits one at a time. I may not be perfect, but I am passionate about fitness, food, and inspiring women to ditch the quick fix and commit to lasting lifestyle changes. To seek strong, not skinny, to find health, not a number on the scale, to be fit, not a jean size.

On our farm we grow lots of delicious fruits and veggies, I encourage my family to eat from our bounty and enjoy our free range chickens who produce the finest eggs ever. Across the street is a county park with miles and miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking! Country living is the best!

My loves include my wonderful husband, 3 awesome boys, girlfriends, boot camp, mountain biking, yoga, salad and wine (together), my 2 labs, the beach, my pool, traveling, public speaking, and reading! I am loud, talkative, expressive, too honest, and love romantic comedies.

Looking forward to making new connections around the world and making a difference in the lives of others. So tell me, what are you struggling with right now?

xo Tracee



Hear what some of my clients are saying! Please know I am the one who is blessed to be working with some lovely, wonderful people and changing lives!

“This program is not all about “diets” it is about the body and mind as a whole. Tracee is very encouraging and passionate about what she does. She is energizing and enthusiastic and non judgmental.” ~Kat M. Nurse

“Tracee is passionate and helped me realize the mental changes that need to happen. This aspect is so important and what worked for me. I now know how to handle cravings.” ~Anna, Student

“Since being on this program, I’m more aware of what I am eating. I appreciate how transparent you are with you own ups and downs.” ~Kristin W, Teacher

“Tracee is motivational, funny, informed, and awesome! I am sad her class is ending!” ~Serena T, Psychologist

“Your class was so good, I signed up for another 10 weeks.” ~Vic V., Retired

“Tracee is knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring. I have loved working with her. I have the highest regard for her work and would recommend her as a coach to anyone. Without Tracee’s help, I would not have shed 75 pounds and been able to stick with it. She’s just so inspirational. I still have a long way to go (125 more pounds) and with her weekly support group, I am committed.” ~Brad J., Bookstore Owner

        “Tracee’s business sense is above reproach and she has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Tracee will walk           along beside you as you build your business. Tracee builds her business and team with integrity and is           constantly growing and moving forward. She is definitely a leader that you can be proud to follow and           be part of her team.” Laurie M., Entrepreneur



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