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If Mary Kay Can Do It, So Can You!

You are only as you choose to let your mind believe! So often we give up on our dreams, feeling defeated, or too old. That is just a bunch of crap! Why do we get into our heads and create negative thoughts about what we can or cannot do? Even worse is as we age MORE +

Choices – The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy wrote this book, The Compound Effect. I HIGHLY recommend you reading it. My best synopsis is: Our life is a series of choices that we make daily that add up to a large outcome. Think about it: When you eat an extra 100 calories in a given day, no big deal. The needle MORE +

Capture Pages on Facebook & Google Hangout

This free app allows us to create awesome capture pages on Facebook and also host Google Hangouts! In this video, I will show you all the cool features and how to insert the Hang Out directly into your business page on Facebook MORE +

Top 3 HUGE Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Home Business

When it's tax season, do you like paying way too much to the government only for the to waste it away? Do you have everything you need put away for retirement? Do you even know how much you need? Is your job secure? Do you have multiple streams of income? If you answered No to MORE +

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