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How to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy

You may be having trouble getting your kids to eat healthy foods. For some kids, just the phrase "healthy food" brings on the "yucky" face. However, there are some tricks and tips for getting your kids to eat healthy and loving it. Here are some ideas to get your family started on the road to MORE +

Burn Fat While Sleeping

Seem to good to be true...but thankfully, you can burn fat while sleeping. When you enjoy 7-9 hours of  good quality sleep this aids in fat loss in several ways. Not only do both of these factors help regulate cortisol (the stress hormone that stores fat), but the melatonin produced during sufficient has been linked to increased MORE +

Knee Surgery Update

On May 8th I went under the knife and had knee surgery on both knees. Call me crazy, but I didn't want to have to go through the recovery twice and they were equally painful with torn meniscus, to the point of waking me up at night! Dr. Blatz said if we do this on Friday MORE +

Survey: Raising a healthy eater and fit kid!

For the last few months, I have been working on a program to help moms raise healthy eaters and fit kids. In order to make sure I have covered all my bases, will you PLEASE let me know the top two questions you might have on this topic. Also, what are your biggest frustrations when MORE +

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