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Stop Emotional Eating

What do you do when you are cold? Bundle up. Thirsty? Drink water. Have to pee? Run to the bathroom. Tired? Go to sleep. Hungry? Eat. Depressed? Eat. Stressed? Eat. Bored? Eat. Lonely? Eat. Notice a pattern here? So often we use food for stuffing away feelings instead of really feeling them. This is called MORE +

No Fricken Weigh – Strong is Better Than Skinny

As many of you know, I have been working on this book for quite some time. My goal is to get it out before Christmas! No Fricken Weigh - Strong is Better Than Skinny! This is NOT a Diet Book. This is NOT a Fitness Book. With the millions of these programs on the market MORE +

Extreme Team 12 Week Challenge – Mindset

As we know from watching Extreme Weight Loss, and from living real lives, transformation begins in the mind. Thoughts Become Things! So how do we change our mind? Focus on what we want instead of living in the past? We must change our mindset. Watch this weeks video, get out your journal and do these MORE +

World’s Toughest Job – Happy Mother’s Day

A couple weeks ago, my youngest son shared a video on my Facebook wall.....something he NEVER does! So of course, i had to watch it right away! And here it is.....grab the kleenex! Of course after watching this I cried. For many reasons actually! One because he loves me enough to not only watch the MORE +

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