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Chia Protein Pudding



I love the texture of creamy things like Fro Yo, Pudding, Ice Cream…but I hate sugar and the way it makes me feel like a caged beast. Always hungry for more.

So, I have been experimenting with recipes that are healthy, yet have a sweetness to curb that craving I occasionally get. Usually sucking on a small piece of dark chocolate is fine, but this treat is actually helping to build my muscles.


Place all ingredients in blender, mix well, and pour in glass. Place in refrigerator and stir every 30 minutes. Ready to eat in an hour. May also place in freezer for 30 minutes to make a frozen treat.

NOTE: The reason I LOVE this protein powder is it’s sweetened with Stevia, has not artificial ingredients, tastes great, has nice texture, and is made from grass fed whey. To Save 20% off your order, use code TRACEE20 (in all caps) and get free shipping.



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