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Health Crisis in the U.S. and What You Can Do About It!

The U.S. is having a health crisis and we need to take action! After doing some research and finding scary statistics on the Center Disease Control Websites and others, we are on a downward spiral.

Many people go on about living their life, eating like crap, drinking, sitting on the couch watching TV, smoking, etc. This is the new normal…Fast Food, Video Games, Soda…… the years go by, they get sick, and hopefully decide to do something about it. AND oftentimes, they settle for just taking a pill….thinking this is the easy way out!

Let’s focus on prevention. Healing your body before you get a degenerative disease. We must take action, our country’s viability is at stake. If we keep going the way we are going, and our life expectancy drops further, how will that affect our status with the rest of the industrialized world?

This reminds me of a story, there was this man who had a dog and that dog howled all day long and all night! One day somebody finally asked the man why did his dog howl constantly, and the man said because he was sitting on a nail.So I ask you, what nail are you sitting on?

I am looking to help people change these statistics and take care of their one and only body. True health and sickness all begin in the cell. So, let’s create healthy cells. I can show you how to do this, one step at a time. I am also looking for people to help me take my little ripple of change and turn it into a tidal wave!

Sometimes in order for people to change, they have to be scared into it. So watch the video and prepared to be scared by these real statistics.

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